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Country visited: Rome, Italy

While walking around the Ruins where Caesar was assasinated, there is a special cat shelter which was a very interesting place to see, email me for details.


Country visited: Vietnam

Stay in Sapa, Spend the night with a local family, wake up with the view of rile terrace & duckling running around.


Country visited: New York

Don't stay in Times Square - just visit. Stay in a true neighbourhood.

Never go to NY in December! Too crowded! Always ask plat taxi rate in airports.


Country visited: USA

"KA KA JUSEYO" - more discount please
You get more discounts in shops if you speak their language. So make sure to learn some simple phrases before you go! =)


Country visited: Korea

Find yourself a roof top restaurant or bar for sunset and the call to prayers. Magical to see the city rush and then calm.


Country visited: Istanbul, Turkey

There is no milo in Bali. Remember to bring 3 in 1 packet drinks over.


Country visited: Bali, Indonesia